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Browns Pie Shop

The shop is home to a spectre named "Humphrey" who is felt to inhabit the first floor kitchen and once threw a fire blanket at the chef; footsteps have also been heard, blamed on the spectre. On one occasion, when the ghost did not receive his customary greeting in the morning (the regular chef, who uttered the salutation was absent) a knife was found to be moved and was embedded in the floor. On yet another occasion, the front door was slammed shut and the keys thrown to the ground, and another time, coinage was seen levitating and clinking before dropping to the floor with a clatter. The third floor room is also unnaturally cold. There are many other stories attached to "Humphrey" - one person even claimed to have seen him, describing him as a young boy.

Unfortunately, the restaurant did not respond to my email or Facebook inquiries but the owner did talk later to the local press, where he said that lots of people, both customers and employees have experienced things, and that items have been seen to move on CCTV. The cleaner always says 'Good Morning' to Humphrey and the owner's children "are always looking around and talking to him," with the ghost being described as a little boy.

Link: Lincolnshire Live

Link: Lincolnshire Live

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