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Gunby Hall

The hall is haunted by two young lovers, who have been seen walking along a path, (known as "The Ghost Walk") by the pond, accompanied by an unearthly cold. The legend is that a previous occupier, Sir William Massingberd, discovered that his daughter (or wife) was to elope with his postilion and lay in wait, murdering him on the night the two were to depart. His body was thrown into the pond and, according to some versions, the daughter (or wife) was also murdered.

Update 21/3/22: Rachel Marriott, the Property Operations Manager for National Trust informs me, "There is a well known story, which I'm sure you've read about, about the daughter of the house planning to elope with one of the male servants, and on discovering this her father had the servant dealt with - it has been embellished over the years and there are many different versions told. We think this actually took place when the Massingberds' family home was still at Bratoft, which they had taken down in 1698 to build Gunby Hall. I can't confirm if there have been any inexplicable phenomena or if anyone has experienced anything unusual in the house – certainly we've had no reports of this and I’ve never experienced anything myself. It’s a house we feel very comfortable working in."

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