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Hardwick Hall

Bess of Hardwick, the lady who had this Hall built four hundred years ago, has been seen haunting it, on one occasion, standing over the housekeeper while she was in bed, thanking her for looking after her home and its contents (a pet Yorkshire Terrier also reacted to something invisible). A lady dressed in blue has also been seen, and a spectral smell of oranges and other fruits have been detected. A phantom cat has been seen on the Chapel landing and in the Needlework Room. However, it is the Blue Bedroom in which many report the sensation of being touched, while others talk of its coldness and the unexplained indentation of a body on the bed. A visitor spoke of a grey lady standing by the fireplace who walked to the bed, and promptly vanished. In World War 2, the Hall was used as a barrack for troops and one who was on guard duty lunged at an indistinct figure that refused to answer his challenge to stop and identify itself. The figure was wearing a ruff and larged plumed hat and is described as being like a cavalier. The guard's weapon went through the figure, which contained walking towards the Hall and then disappeared; the Cavalier has been seen on other occasions too. Additionally, a tall and broad monk-like figure, having a white, featureless face (some say "almost luminous") and wearing a black cowl has also been observed. In the grounds, a dog was also unnerved and then fallen leaves were seen being moved by something invisible walking nearby. The spectre of Thomas Hobbes, who died here in 1676 has also been seen on the driveway.

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