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Crispin Inn

The Crispin Inn dates from the 15th century and is reputed to be the haunt of 17 ghosts, including monks, cavaliers, animals, children and even former landlords. Some of the activity is more "low key"; cold spots, the volume on the background music stereo being manipulated and the feel of children's arms grasping or rubbing someone's legs.

Update 16/8/20: I spoke to Martin, the landlord and he told me of various tales associated with the building, such as all 6 new lightbulbs blowing simultaneously in the downstairs toilet, chairs being tipped off, glasses moving and in his living area, windows that had been painted shut being found opened and his medication found strewn all over his bed. His children, particularly his daughter, seem to see something invisible, following them around with their eyes. On one occasion, his children (22 month old twins) were in the bathroom looking at the ceiling smiling when all of a sudden they went into a screaming rage.

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