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Hartington Hall

It is said that Bonnie Prince Charlie caught the eye of an attractive maid and he promised to return for her once his attempt as political upheaval had succeeded. However, the Prince was forced to return to Scotland soon after and the maid was forgotten about, eventually dying of a broken heart. It is said that she is seen walking around the building, peering at the sleeping occupants in the room, which is now a youth hostel.

Update 15/2/22: Marta, a worker at the hall informed me that, "Most of the team is relatively new as well, so we don’t have great knowledge about ghost activity here. We definitely have not received any reports since opening in May last year." I inquired what this encounter was and was told, "I’m afraid I don’t have great knowledge about that as I only started to work here in July last year. I think there was something about little girl appearing in the window. However I’m not sure."

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