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The Golden Lion

Spectral activity became so bad in the Haunted Bedroom (one man complained that something was trying to pull his bedclothes off) that the stopped using it for guests. Odd noises, things being moved and a figure at the top of the stairs have also been mentioned too. There is also the ghost of "Jeffrey" who is said to haunt the former stables here; he assaulted a farm labourer and left him for dead. However, he recovered and testified against Jeffrey who was hung and then gibbetted (another version of the story says that the unfortunate victim was actually murdered). Jeffrey's body was eventually buried on the village green and wood from the gibbet used in the construction of the Golden Lion. A newspaper article adds to the story, thus; "Jeffrey now lives quite contentedly upstairs in bedroom two of this old Rossett pub, and though still inclined to mischief, is perfectly harmless. Indeed, he has been known to have a sneaky drink on occasion, moving bottles from behind the bar and leaving glasses and chairs upturned."

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