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Carnfield Hall

Cold spots, footsteps, the sound of furniture being moved and thrown around, and a hazy, shadowy figure on the main staircase (where a lady humming has been heard) have all been reported here. In addition, the sound of an organ harpsichord, phantom hands in lace cuffs (captured by a TV crew) and a "White Lady" in the south-east bedroom have also been experienced. In the grounds, two young boys and a girl are seen playing with a bat and ball (though they do not seem to have been seen recently), and a gamekeeper and a spectral carriage have also been claimed too. In the attached cottage, a lady's voice calling out "Hello?" has been heard. There are many other stories associated with this building.

Update 14/1/22: I enquired via Facebook if there had been any recent phenomena and was told, "Yep- ongoing." When asked for details, I was informed, "Footsteps. Movement. Voices"

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