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The Lyceum Theatre

Near the stage door, the spectre of an elderly actor is sometimes seen (some reports say that his name is "Charlie" and that he likes to hide props); another ghost is a ballerina who hanged herself in her dressing room; she is described as wearing white, and has been seen on stage and in the circle - and the scent of lavender is said to indicate her presence. The final ghost is that of a monk, who is seen in the lower level of the theatre, which was built on the site of a Catholic church. He is also seen in the cellar of the Cheese Hall pub next door. There is also said to be the phantom of a small boy, and (another?) lady in white. Some sources claim as many as 6 ghosts in the theatre. Also reported are changes in temperature, the smell of smoke and items going missing.

Update 19/1/22: Lucy Thomson-Smith the Creative Learning and Engagement Manager of the Lyceum informs me, "Whilst there have been plenty of sightings over the years, I have nothing on official record since the nineties (which mainly is a handful of local newspaper reports). I know from speaking to the staff in our theatre that a few have their own experiences of paranormal activity within the venue..."

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