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A small child is believed to haunt one of the rooms here (possibly No.7?), and has been seen standing by a bed in the night, and one guest had his bedclothes twice ripped from him during his slumber!

Update 14/2/22: When asked whether there had been any inexplicable phenomena, the hotel emailed me; "Ironically, we have felt that we've had quite a lot of activity this week! From a television turning itself back on when switched off at the plug, to unexplained banging on the doors and the likes. Our staff at The Unicorn frequently mention strange happenings." When I informed the staff of my notes (above), I was informed, "Absolutely- this is well known by staff. We are told its a young girl who inhabits the space but is not particularly aggressive. She is said to inhabit room 11 of our guest rooms upstairs. Many guests turn televisions off at the wall to wake up to static, have been known to sleep in their cars, and have reported wardrobe doors banging."

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