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Boston Guildhall Museum

A beautiful old lady in her seventies has been seen in the area of the prison cells, where voices have also been heard. A male spectre was also seen in the old council chamber as has a woman hanging from the rafters in the Buttery. Cold spots, papers flurrying about (despite a lack of draught), and bangs and thuds have been felt and heard (especially on the old wooden staircase).

Update 9/9/20: Polly Wilkinson, a worker at the museum, replied to me email; "We have certainly had a variety of sightings, experiences and inexplicable occurrences in the past. Sound is quite often of note – knowing no one is in the building and hearing footsteps, or movement? ... I'm afraid to say that other that what information is available on the internet ... we haven't had anyone recently explore the building or anything new to add. Staff as I say do hear things, or notice movement just to the side of their vision but nothing super exciting has happened for the last couple of years."

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