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Cromer Pier

The ghosts of fishermen (thought to have been a lifeboat crew) have been seen near the station and also in the nearby theatre too. It is in this latter location that theatre manager Dick Condon, who formed a partnership with Cromer Pier and who died in 1991, has returned as a spectre - several performers report him on stage with them and his shadow is said to be cast across the theatre. Moaning, shuffling feet, laughter, singing, taps and bangs have been heard, items have been moved and smashed including bottles and glasses, and spectres of a man in "a tall black hat" and "an ashen faced man with jet black hair" have also been reported. There are also said to be phantoms "strolling about the [pier]" - according to some accounts, they are wearing medieval garb. In addition, "ghostly cries" have been heard coming from the sea.

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