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New Zealand Arms

The story is that a former landlord died of a heart attack while resting on a chair in the stage area, which might explain the reports of a moving chair in this area.

Update 16/3/22: I spoke to Ann Madarbakus, who was landlady here from 2010-2012; she said that she would often lie in bed at night and hear the sound of stools and chairs moving on the wooden floor of the bar area beneath her. On all but one occasion, she would find that the furniture was undisturbed the next morning. The one time when things were amiss was when a cleaner came in at 6am and tripped over 3 stools that had been placed at the entrance. This same gentleman also looked at the pub for 3 or 4 days while Ann was away, and when she returned he said that he didn't want to stay again - he had heard the sound of moving furniture during the night too. Ann would also find that the kitchen door would swing open by itself. There were a few more experiences that Ann and her customers encountered, but these were "one-offs"; in the pub was a brass bell mounted on a pillar and once, it rang out by itself. Ann heard the sound and turned to see the rope still swinging, and one of the punters, who was in shock, actually saw the bell ring. The only other incident was when Ann came down and found beermats scattered all over the floor.

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