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Binham Priory

A black monk walks along the route of an underground passage which is believed to lead from the priory to Walsingham monastery (one version has him walking along the subterranean passage itself). A fiddler, named by some sources as Jimmy Griggs was employed to walk along the subterranean tunnel, playing his instrument so that locals could follow his progress. According to some versions of the story, the tunnels had partially collapsed in a storm. For some miles he could be heard but as he approached a Bronze Age barrow he stopped and was never heard from again; many years later, the skeletal remains of a man and his dog were found during excavations; variants of the tale exist say that the dog managed to escape. The barrow was dubbed "Fiddler's Hill." However, recent work on the 'tunnels' reveal that they were actually the conduits for a latrine! It must also be said that this tale is repeated across the length of the UK.

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