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Pump Hill

A group of farm labourers observed a glowing object, which turned out to be a headless body with no legs and carrying a bundle. Later witnesses followed the spectre and noted that it looked like a smuggler, with a leather belt and a pistol tucked into it - and the head was actually dangling from a flap of skin. They followed it to Well Corner where the bundle was dropped and the phantom vanished. Later, a young boy was sent down the well where a bundle was retrieved - the missing legs of the spectral smuggler. Another excursion unearthed the body. Later investigations of the area revealed signs of a skirmish and pools of dried blood. When the pump was capped over, the ghost sightings stopped. When the pump was filled in and the pump removed, the ghost started up again - wailing and moaning has been heard and the gruesome form seen, albeit only from a distance and dimly lit.

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