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Ancient High House

On the top floor, doors open and close of their own accord and a tall figure has been seen. In addition, an old lady has been seen in a rocking chair in the Victorian Room and in the same room is a young girl who stares at a spot in the centre; elsewhere, a spectral child is said to lock women in the toilets and moves items around, and a "grand lady" walks in a corridor that connected the Swan Hotel and the Shaw House, where she is most often seen. A writing desk also locks and unlocks itself and voices have been heard. On one occasion, the police were called out of hours and told there was an intruder in the building. However, when the interloper was described, it was of a man known to the police, - but who had died a few years previously. There are a multitude of other claims associated with this building, too.

Update 16/3/22: Staff member Amy Andrews informs me, "I'm afraid we have no experiences from visitors or staff from recent years."

Link: Stoke on Trent Live

Link: Stoke on Trent Live

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