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Sinai House

There are a number of spectres purported to be seen here, including a "Grey Lady" who is said to have been moral until being led astray by monks in the area. When she told them she was pregnant, she was murdered. She is said to walk across the bridge over the moat at Christmas time. Sir Henry Paget, Wellington's second in command at Waterloo, is said to "roam the grounds". A phantom hay cart that vanishes from sight (a car driver pulled over to let it pass!) and the sound of fighting have also been experienced, as has moving crockery and other items. A hanged witch, a monk at the foot of a 1st floor bed, and Cromwell soldiers and their dogs clustered around the fire in the front room are amongst the resident phantoms. A previous owner's cat would follow something invisible with its eyes, while crying in distress. Guests have also been pulled and thrown across a room, the smell of smoke has been detected, electrical items have malfunctioned (including car alarms), and whisperings and knockings on walls heard. There are many other tales too!

Update August 3rd 2020: Kate, a worker at the house informs me that there are "lots" of stories! However, a promised resume of acitivity did not materialise.

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