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Raynham Hall

The famous "Brown Lady" is said to walk this hall, and a contentious photograph exists of her walking down the staircase. She is said to be Dorothy Walpole, sister of England's first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole. King George IV stayed in the state bedroom and reputedly awoke to find the spectre standing at the foot of his bed. On another occasion, the phantom, carrying a lamp, was seen heading towards a group and they hid behind a door. Passing them by, the ghost turned and looked at them in "a diabolical manner" at which point one of the party fired his pistol at her - the bullet was later found embedded in the door behind where the spectre had been. Other ghosts at the hall include a tall lady in a flowing pink dress, holding a handkerchief to her eyes; and a little girl in old-fashioned clothes. Acts of mischief have been attributed to her. Another child is said to haunt the hall, as well as an invisible dog, and the swish of skirts and whispering have been heard in the Picture Gallery. In the Royal Bedroom, chairs have been re-arranged around the card table. James Scott, the first duke of Monmouth, in a striking red outfit has been reported (he was executed for his part in the attempt to seize power from James II, his uncle).

Link: Eastern Daily Press

Update 11/8/20: Alison Townshend, the Marchioness Townshend informs me, "Indeed; the Brown Lady is very famous but we think she is at peace as there have been no sightings since the 50's ... Nothing left to worry about! We are glad she is at peace and we will not seek to disturb her."

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