The Railway Inn

On March 16th 2022, I spoke to Ann Madarbakus, who worked at this pub for 18 months, about 8 years ago. Ann had been told by locals that there used to be a mine at bottom of the garden, but that it had collapsed and that people had died. She came down one Monday morning, and had a coffee, reading her email on phone, then started to set up for opening. She folded her glasses and put them on top of her phone. She went about her business then went back to her phone, but her glasses had gone. On Thursday, she had delivery a beer which entailed rolling the barrels from the pavement down into the cellar; the barrels would land on a mat to cushion their fall. When all the barrels had been delivered and moved to their place in the cellar, she looked back and saw her glasses folded on top of the mat.

Update: 30/3/2022 I sent a Facebook message to the pub to determine if anything else had been experienced or if the above was just a one-off. I was told, "We’ve been here since mid 2020 but we’ve all experienced something whilst here!"

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