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Shrewsbury Castle

The 14th century murderer Bloundie (or Bloody) Jack has been seen in the castle courtyard, where he was hanged. He was brought to justice after the disappearance of a local girl named Fanny and her body was found at his home (he lived in the castle, or at least, where it was built), along with evidence suggesting that Jack had been responsible for other girls who had vanished. Some reports say that Fanny was still alive when a posse reached Jack's home; others stories say that he went through a succession of wives, who were his victims. Sometimes his ghost is said to be followed by a group of crying women. Another ghost seen here is a girl who runs screaming from Laura's Tower to the gates; she is thought to be one of Jack's victims. On stormy nights, a group in medieval garb have been seen making their way towards the castle, too and in the Regimental museum, boots have been heard walking on a balcony that no longer exists! During repair work, workmen found their tools would vanish only to reappear later on.

Update: 12/3/20 When asked if anything had experienced recently, the curator at the Castle/Museum replied, "None that I’m aware of, sorry"

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