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The Prince Rupert Hotel

Allegedly, there are 10-12 active sightings of ghosts in this hotel. The spectre of a young girl who killed herself has sometimes been seen, her body hanging from a beam in the Prince Phillip Suite; this may be the phantom reported in room 5, who likes to remove the bed clothes of single men. This young lady, according to legend, is that of a maid who killed herself after she was abandoned at the altar on her wedding day. Also seen is an elderly man wearing a nightshirt and carrying a candle as if looking for something (and who disappears into a wall!) and a maid named "Martha" on a staircase (perhaps the girl mentioned above?). In rooms 6 and 7 inexplicable noises have been heard, the former is said to be haunted by a jilted bride, the other by a jilted brigegroom. They each committed suicide, and may be related to the young girl mentioned above even though neither ghost is said to be visible according to some sources. Other rooms have reported phenomena too; in the Prince Rupert Suite, a depression was often seen on the bed as if someone had been seated there. In the Prince Rupert Lounge (where the titular royal is said to have lived between 1641 and 1644), the (now) owner and a colleague once spent the night. At one point they went away briefly to get a drink and upon returning, their pillows had vanished. After much searching, they were found in the lift. Three ghosts are said to haunt the basement; these include a young Tudor lad named "Thomas". He is said to be encountered near a wall behind which a pond is/was located, and where he drowned. He is reported to have held the hand of a lady for some 20 minutes, leading her through the hotel and down to the area of the pond. Although the lady could feel his hand, the phantom was not observed. Another presence here is one who interferes with people's necks; one regular visitor to the hotel reports the sensation of being clasped around the neck; and a lady felt someone unclasping her necklace.

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