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St Benet's Abbey

The screams of a servant have been heard here after dark. After the Norman invasion, a soldier arrived at the Abbey with a white flag hoping to persuade the abbot to pledge allegiance to William the Conqueror. However, once inside the Abbey the soldier passed a note to the servant asking that he speak to the commanding officer in private. The servant sneaked out and was told in the conference that if he opened the gates he would be ensconced as "Abbot for life" and the lives of monks spared - otherwise the Abbey would be invaded and everyone would be killed. The flattered servant did so and the servant was indeed installed as the Abbot - for a while anyway. He was eventually hanged and the old Abbot was reinstated after pledging loyalty to the new King. A monk named Edwin has been seen here - he ran away from the Abbey and was saved from Satan because he was wearing a relic of St Benedict. He returned to the Abbey and his ghost and that of St Benedict himself have been reported in the marshes nearby. It is said that the servant's execution is played out on May 25th, the anniversary of the event.

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