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Blists Hill Museum

A man with a pipe and stick and wearing a long frock coat was seen walking here; he had no feet and walked through a wall. There is also a possible spectre named "Joe", who appeared on Bonfire Night and talked to a visitor about old fairgrounds.

Update 20/2/20: Laura Stephenson, curator officer of the Ironbridge Museums, tells me that, "We have several locations on this site where unusual activity has been reported. One of the most heavily reported is the Mission Church and the area around it. We have had numerous sightings of 'ghostly' Victorian children. For example, I have heard that when builders were constructing our mine experience which overlooks the church about 10 years ago, they reported frequently seeing Victorian children watching them. The most recent report was at one of our 2019 Christmas events, when a couple stated how nice it was that we had a young boy dressed as a Victorian playing the organ in the church as entertainment for visitors. However, no staff or volunteers were on the rota to be in there (and we would never allow a child to volunteer on their own) and when no one is meant to be in there a padlocked gate blocks the doorway to the church. This was found to be secure when checked. In addition, the church bell rings by itself fairly regularly when no staff or volunteers are in the church. Another area is our Estate Office exhibit ... it's our oldest building on the site. When the building was taken down in its original location builders reported hearing a child crying, and again reported the same during the reconstruction of the building at Blists Hill. Also, one employee found a message written to them on a piece of paper in the exhibit in child's handwriting saying "helo" after they had introduced themselves to someone in the exhibit only minutes before. Others have had difficulty getting into the exhibit with the door continuously locking again after they have unlocked it to enter the building. People frequently report feeling very unsettled and uncomfortable in the building, even those who have never heard these stories, and many staff won't go in there alone. Whilst these are the main sightings/occurrences, there have been others over the years of young lads on the site in Victorian clothing, a little girl by the brick and tile works, and people hearing conversations when there's no one there."

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