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The Boat Inn

A ghostly barmaid has been seen in the downstairs area, sometimes beckoning people. The sobbing of a young woman, mumbling, children singing, running sounds around Christmastime, opening windows and "hoof-like" tapping at one table have been heard. This tapping may be connected with a local legend that the Devil appeared here to entice people to play cards on a Sunday but his identity was rumbled. A young lady in 1960s clothing has appeared at the top of the stairs, usually only to young males; she has been identified as Vicky, a landlord's daughter from the 60's who died of leukaemia in her twenties. Some time ago early in the morning, the sound of someone getting out of a spring mattress upstairs has also been heard, along with sighs and the sound of someone putting on big boots. There have been other paranormal incidents here too!

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