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The George and Dragon Pub

The ghost is that of a black dog, who was allowed to freely prowl the downstairs bar and cellar during the night to ward off potential burglars in the 19th century. It is not seen very often, but is heard wandering around and is usually felt as a chilly sensation around the legs, especially those of ladies. The dog was said to have been ill-treated by the landlord but the mournful sobbing of a bar maid who loved the hound and was heartbroken when he died has also been heard and she is sometimes seen too. A swinging kitchen door, footsteps upstairs, a strange face in a mirror, and glasses flying off the shelves have been experienced.

Update 3/2/22: Kate replied to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "it is a very old building and there has always been talk of there being ghosts. We had an amateur group of paranormal investigators in, but they didn't find a fat lot. There is supposed to be a ghost dog and when one member if staffed stayed in the room above thd pub a while ago she woke up and saw a dark figure at thd end of the bed! ... I think there is definitely something but I haven't actually seen anything myself. The guys did a board and it spelt out the initials of one of the previous owners. We don't live above the pub so I can't say what it's like after closing!"

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