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The Manor House

There are a multitude of claims for this building. A man in Medieval garb has been reported walking through a now sealed-off door in the Great Hall, while in the South Solar, "young men" have been seen; they may be a spectral remnant of a fight outside the Manor House in the 14th century, where a brother killed his sibling. In the chapel area, a former landlord used to close the curtains every evening - only to find them open in the morning. In addition, a monk has been seen in the grounds outside the chapel (this figure may also have been seen in the Great Hall). One group heard footsteps in the bar area approach them. The steps sounded as if they were made on concrete but the floor was carpetted over. When the steps got close to the group, they heard a loud sigh. In addition, a shadow was seen behind a staff member in the mirror of the ladies toilets (this was seen in a photograph and was not visible at the time); this may also be the source of a story about "a mysterious face" peering back out of a mirror. Other phenomena include; a tour guide in the kitchen area feeling the sensation of being grabbed and being pushed down on the shoulders - and then seeing a shadow nearby; the sound of children playing; a phantom cat; footsteps; dancing lights; screams; cries; the sound of horses outside; and a boy and girl climbing and sitting on the staircase. Other visible apparitions include a phantom barman, a glowing red silhouette of a person, a black bearded man and a white haired lady.

Update 8/3/22: I spoke to Catherine O'Neil, who had worked at the museum for three years and she regaled me with a few interesting tales from the recent past. She says that the atmosphere in the building becomes "strange" in September and October. At one point, the reception had been moved to a new area of the Manor House and she was in the area with her manager when she asked if Catherine had heard a noise coming from upstairs, a sound of loud dragging. Despite a search, nothing could be found amiss - the room was empty. The dragging noise obligingly repeated itself when asked for but again, nothing was found upstairs. It is also in this room that mobile phones switch off by themselves or lose their charge. On another occasion, a regular visitor was upstairs making a video and when he played it back, he heard a distinct male voice with a Black Country accent. The words couldn't be discerned and were not audible at the time the video was made. Days later, the dragging noise was heard again. Catherine has also heard footsteps on the flagstone floors when no-one was there. After one Halloween event, she also heard a human whistle as she walked across the hall to go into a corridor to turn the heating on; but when she turned, she was alone, the only other people in the building were in another area. In a storage room where historical costumes etc were kept, a "weird laughing noise" was heard when a box was moved, and despite searching to find the cause (thinking that it might have been something that made a similar noise when dislodged), nothing was found. At about this time, two members of staff heard someone running, banging on the walls as they did so. Catherine also told of a time when keys went missing but were returned when staff asked for them.

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