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The White Lion Inn

A White Lady, in a suitably flowing white garment has been seen here - she is said to be a harbinger of death for the witness. Another spectral lady, wearing a straw bonnet and carrying a basket has been observed upstairs in the lounge area. Another woman, about 5 foot 2 inches tall in height and wearing a camel coloured coat was seen to come in from the beer garden and headed towards the toilet - but she never came back. An old man wearing a flat cap and accompanied by a small dog is sometimes seen seated in the corner of the bar. Additionally, outbreaks of items (such as pennies) appeared after some psychics told the landlord that there were phantom children on the premises. Plates were also found smashed in the kitchen, and a plumber was tapped on the shoulder and a voice asked if he was OK. When he looked up, there was no-one there.

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