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Aston Hall

The ghost of a cook who was murdered by owner Sir Thomas Holte is said to have seen here, but historical records dispute this. Another alleged ghost is that of Holte's daughter or grand daughter; he forbade a relationship she had with a boy who wasn't ingratiated with the gentry. Her sad ghost is said to be seen in the area of the nursery on the top floor either as a greyish mist or a solid, young apparition. A version of this story is that, when she tried to elope, she was captured and locked up in the house for 16 years where she went insane. Another ghost in the upper area is said to be a servant who hanged himself. A "Green Lady" is also to be seen, said to Holte's housekeeper, Mistress Walker. She is said to be most often seen in a chair in the Great Hall. More recently, a glowing ball of light bounced around a room before exploding loudly.

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