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The Knight's Lodge

A phantom monk in the downstairs bar who disappears through the wall panelling (he may also have been seen praying upstairs and his shadowy form seen near a fireplace in the pub) and a lady in "flowing robes" on the stairs are mentioned here; there is also a spectral lady in an upstairs room grieving for her lost child (presumably different from the one in robes?). A landlord reported a black shape when he awoke one night; the form quickly moved around the room before vanishing. He also saw a shape pass by the office window too. Also seen is a man in a hat or helmet and dressed in white drapes who walked through a wall. Whispering, footsteps and sobbing has been heard on the stairs, and in the same area, the landlord's dog was known to react to something unseen as it looked down into the pub. In addition, women laughing and chatting have been heard coming from an empty room. There is also a temperature drop reported near the fireplace.

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