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Haden Hill House Museum

When the building was a series of flats, one resident complained that his TV set would show unfamiliar figures walking across the screen "like a shadow". Cold spots, a lady locked in the toilets and a spectral Victorian maid carrying a tray were also reported. Another resident said that the cords of the window blind were being pulled back and released by an invisible entity causing a tapping noise. Later, he saw his bag of diving weights being dragged across the floor. Other phenomena include the sound of dragging tables and chairs in the cafe area and a choir singing a requiem mass at the start of December. There are many other accounts, including a monk's lover who pined for him when he was bricked up alive when their affair was discovered. Other spectres include White Ladies, monks and two ladies known as the Grey or White Sisters.

Update 29/11/21: Jane Hanney-Martin, the Sandwell Museum Services Manager informs me, "sorry to be very boring but no we haven’t had any stories told to us or anything strange happen to volunteers or staff for many years."

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