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The Sun Inn

"Ghostly figures" are seen around the pub, including a young woman and shadows flitting around; a figure was also seen to go through a locked door and through a wall - which is where the old cellar door used to be. The previous landlord used to find himself locked into his bedroom forcing him to climb out of the window. This is said to be the same room that a local girl named Molly Morgan was locked in; in the 18th century, she was arrested under suspicion of stealing linen from the pub, and while her associate (William Morgan) escaped, Molly was not so fortunate. She was to be taken to the Shrewsbury Assizes, but was put in the cellar in the pub en route to her trial. She tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists but her life was saved by a local surgeon. She was taken upstairs to a room, where she was locked up until her trial. She was eventually sentenced to be transported to Australia, and managed to find her way back to England - only to be exiled again.

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