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Whittington Inn

The ghost of Lady Jane Grey is said to have been seen here, as does a "Mary" who takes a shine to the handsome men who visit here (!) One William Howe who was arrested following the murder of Benjamin Robbins, has been observed too as has a monk. The inn is famous for being the Manor House of William Whittington, the father of later London Lord Mayor Dick, it is said the famous son returns to his old home in the summer evenings (historically, some say that the building was constructed by Dicks's grndfather in 1310). A black coach and horses with the crest of the Lord Mayor of London on the side, has been seen traversing from the Inn to the Old Kidderminster Road. A staff member felt something pressing down on him, leaving him paralysed - his dog also reacted to something gripping his neck the following night. Other incidents include all the beer taps turning on at once, a pen spontaneously combusting, cleaners feeling something touching their shoulders and the sighting of a shadowy figure. An interesting story is that previous landlords in the 1970s got so fed up of phantom footsteps pacing a corridor at night that they left!

Update: 9/1/2020: Dan, the deputy manager, replied to an email from myself and said that, in his 3 years here, he had not come across anything particularly untoward or too dramatic although ghost groups had picked up on various presences including Lady Jane Grey, 4 year old Charlotte and Margaret, an old maid. He did say that there had been reports of a monk in the adjacent road and that some customers had seen things there, causing them to slam on the brakes only to find nothing there. He did say that a customer who had sat in the older part of the building many years ago felt her pony tail being yanked upwards.

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