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The Snooty Fox

There are only a few tales associated with this inn; a figure in a long white gown while the inn was closed; a woman who had indulged a man in conversation - when he turned back from ordering a drink, she had vanished; and a chef waking and finding himself pinned to the bed. The village also has the ghost of a white horse, although sometimes only its hooves are heard. The legend is that during the Civil War, a Royalist was fleeing home to Lowick on a badly wounded horse. As the horse made it to the village, he stumbled and the rider fell into the pond where he drowned. The horse struggled on but perished a short distance from his stables.

Update 2/9/20: The current landlord of this pub, who has only been there since January has experienced nothing untoward - they didn't even know that it was reputedly haunted!

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