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Hopton Castle

During the English Civil War, the Castle was held by Parliamentarian forces, but King Charles had declared that the Castle must be taken. Samuel Moore and his small army of Roundheads were therefore under siege and managed to hold out thanks to the castle's enhanced defences. But with his food supply running low, Moore asked for a dialogue with the Cavaliers; he would surrender the stronghold on condition that he and his men would be allowed to leave unmolested. The terms were agreed but when they left their fortress, they were immediately seized, most of the men having their throats cut. Sir Michael Woodhouse, acting for the King, destroyed the castle with gunpowder when he left. The ghosts that are seen are of the betrayed Roundheads, re-acting their depature and the moment of capture and murder; this is supposed to occur on moonlit nights. A ghost by the pond is reputed to be Elizabeth Mayrick, engaged to one of the Parliamentarian soldiers; when she heard of the seige, she ran to the castle to be told her loved one had been killed, his body thrown into the pond. She is said to have died of a broken heart, spending long periods in vigil by the pond.

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