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Ye Olde Seven Stars

A woman attired in white "from a different century" has been seen here, sometimes at the bar and sometimes seated; she was previously seen years previously, but wearing an apron. She may be the elderly lady reported standing by the bed of one of the employees; she beckoned the barman's girlfriend to come with her, but she was too terrified to move and hid under the sheets! The ghost is thought to be a landlady who ran the pub in the 19th century and who had a mentally disabled son who died in the cellar. The phantom is said to return to look for him. Certainly, a strange shape has been seen in that very location; described as the silhouette of a woman, but transparent and filled with smoke. Other descriptions say that she is 4 feet 8 inches in height, slim, with long hair and was a "grey mist of a gown and veil." Also in the cellar, the pumps to the barrels and lights have been turned off when no-one was down there. In the main bar, a pack of cigarettes was found to have moved by itself; several items, including a photo that had been screwed on to the wall with a nail and hook, have been found on the floor. Problems with the telephone have been experienced too, and the family dog becomes very agitated in The Full Bar between 12 and 1am. In addition, the bell behind the bar started ringing very loudly and fast by itself when "The Grey Lady" was mentioned! In more recent occurrences, a young boy and girl have also been seen in the cellar.

Update 30/1/22: The pub responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "There have been several over the years. Many staff, current and ex have stories and experiences."

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