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The Running Horse

The phantom of a lady, dressed in 1970s garb has been seen here, usually when the pub is closing for the night; she walks through the room and vanishes in a corner. Another ghost is that of the chef who committed suicide in the kitchens; he has been seen and is believed to be responsible for kitchen items being thrown around or dropped. The daughter of the licensees in 2000 was unhappy in her room (which used to be an office) when she first moved in; the room was cold and the TV and radiators would switch off and refuse to work. The night before the TV broke down, she was watching a programme and could hear her mother's television in the next room - but the daughter's set had a 5 second delay! After a while, the daughter managed to settle in the room. Other phenomena include a dirty plate being found suspended in mid-air - and it had been cleaned. The pub's PA system played back the sound of a little girl singing, until a man's voice could be heard too and she started screaming. In addition, a strong wind has swept through the place, shadows have been seen and in response to a staff member telling the ghost to "piss off", a glass flew off the shelf, hit her on the arm and smashed on the floor!

Update 18/9/20: Jess, a worker at the pub told me, " I haven’t personally seen anything but someone of my regulars that come in talk about it all the time."

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