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St Michael's Church

The ghost of Nicholas Brome, who inherited a house here in 1483, has been seen here. His neighbour, who supported the Lancastrian sides in the Wars of the Roses (unlike Nicholas), ambushed and killed Nicholas's father and the new King overlooked this misdeed. Nicholas took revenge by riding to the house of the Squire of Longbridge who had murdered his father and killed in. To stop a feud developing, King Henry clamped down on the violence and Nicholas paid a fine. A few years and after a heavy drinking spree, Nicholas found his wife with her head on another man's shoulder and slaughtered him - before realising that the man was a priest who was comforting his wife. In penance, Nicholas had St Michael's Church of Baddesley Clinton rebuilt. Nicholas was buried beneath the door to the church; his spectre walks through the woods and strides to the door, vanishing at the point where his body is interred. Legend says that his phantom only appears every 10 years (the next due date is 2027), but he has been known to make more frequent visitations.

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