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The Village Inn

Doors that have been locked were found to be wide open moments later and power cuts have been known too. The gas pumps have been known to turn off overnight, and taps in the toilets have turned on as well. There have also been reports of "strange noises", including footsteps upstairs. In the snug, one row of lights went out leaving the other untouched - even though they were on the same fuse. In this same room, a temperature drop was noted and the landlady once saw the leaves of a plant moving unaided, and a glow was also observed here, too. The apparition of a lady has also been seen, with one witness noting that she seemed hazy and without colour; she was wearing a long, white dirty apron and seemed to have a stoop. Also in the snug area, a phantom man was also reported; he looked as if he was of the Victorian era, with a waistcoat and white collar. This figure was said to be balding and have bright and piercing eyes. He was clearer than the woman but was in sepia, before fading away.

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