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Foxlydiate Arms

Although described as quiet now, in the past, there have been reports of phenomena in or near the ladies toilets; the corridor was once described as being very cold, and an anomalous grey shadow seen - it turned out to be the silhouette of a lady with "long wavy hair" down to her waist. One woman described the hand dryer coming on by itself in the toilets, and the doors have been heard closing, opening and locking, and taps turning on and off with no-one else present. A ghost, named "Tom" was sighted too, thought to be an old coachman. He was seen in the kitchen and when he presence was challenged, he looked at the member of the staff and continued walking and disappeared through a wall. "Tom" is described as being in his late 50s, and of being of stocky build; when seen, he was wearing a long, heavy coat with frills, and had heavy boots and a hat.

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