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The George Hotel

The legendary Dick Turpin is said to ride up to this hotel on Black Bess where both apparitions then vanish. Rooms 100, 104, 105, 106 and 112 are said to be the focus of paranormal activity inside the hotel; invisible hands would lift up the bedclothes and pinch the legs of the sleepers, while footsteps have been heard and doors unlocked by themselves. 106 is said to be the "worst affected"! A man in a tricorn hat and black cloak has been seen in the corridor (perhaps the afore mentioned Mr.Turpin?) and a woman on the stairs has been encountered from time to time. In 1986, a guest was woken by a man banging on his door shouting "Bella" and a child running about his room, but investigation showed no-one there. Apart from occasional noises, the hotel is said to be quiet - for the time being!

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