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The Admiral Nelson

A spectral woman has been seen walking along the corridor that used to go to Nelson's Cottage next door, the doorway to which is now sealed off; the woman is said to wear old fashioned clothes. A man resembling a chimney sweep and nicknamed "The Man in Black" has also been seen (he is described as "shadowy" and wears old fashioned black clothing), walking towards a chimney that has been blocked up, and also in the dining room. He has been noted at table 17, and once tried to attract the attention of the chef by placing his spectral hand on his shoulder. There is also said to be a poltergeist that hurls beer mats, drops pictures from the walls and moves and rattles glasses on the top shelf.

Update: 23/2/20: Responding to an email from myself, the pub responded thus; "We tend to use this area of the pub [which was used as a morgue] as a 'dog friendly' dining room and we would lay the tables with cutlery at the end of each shift to be ready for the next day's service. We've had to stop doing that as almost every morning, the person opening the pub would have to replace the cutlery as it had moved on the table or, occasionally, be on the floor! We've also had several instances where dogs have refused to enter the room, one in particular just lay down at the entrance to the room and whimpered incessantly to the point where its owner had to take it out of the pub!"

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