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Croft Castle

Owain Glyndwr, who staged a revolt against King Henry IV after a land dispute and temporarily succeeded in expelling the English forces from Wales before his uprising was quelled, is said to haunt this house. Sir James Croft, who rebuilt the castle, is said to appear when building work is being performed. There is also said to be a female phantom, named by some as Lily Armstrong, who has been seen in several locations. It is said that a person entered a room to meet a friend and asked who the lady was - but she was no longer there. A baby has also been heard crying in the night. There are also unconfirmed stories of seven foot tall figure of a man in a leather jerkin in the castle grounds, and a spectral figure wearing a grey doublet and hose. Stories of a woman "wearing crinoline and a close-fitting cap" and seen looking out from a window also exist too; she is reputed to be a member of the Croft family who desperately waited for money to be sent from a relative in Ireland.

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Update 8/1/22: Ian Grafton, the Herefordshire Operations Manager for the National Trust informs me, "I am sorry to disappoint but apart from the usual grumbles and groans in the house (which is expected in such a big old house) there is nothing new to report other than the stories that are out there in the ether."

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Link: Hereford Times

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