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The Crown and Sandys

Footsteps have been heard above the bar area - this would indicate a presence in room 3, but many occasions, that room is unoccupied. In the bar itself, the lights keep flickering and it is said that the bulb nearest the door keeps blowing; an electrician can find nothing wrong. One of the barmen kept hearing his name being called, and there were problems with the pump dispensing San Miguel. The tap would refuse to run but upon inspection in the cellar, the barrel still has some beer in it. A staffmember once heard footsteps down there behind her. One local legend is that in the 1960s or 70s, a wealthy German took three prostitutes to his room (No.3). He failed to appear for breakfast and eventually the manager unlocked his room to find the three ladies dead, covered in blood. The German had disappeared and was never seen of again. However, research has found nothing to substantiate this story!

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