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The World's End

Footsteps on the stairs, bar and dining area, the feeling of someone brushing past a manageress, a customer in the restaurant who had her back to the wall but felt a push on her arm, a crackling sound accompanied by a "static electric" style shock, and objects falling off the shelves have been experienced here as well as footfalls and shadowy figures in the cellar. There are a number of apparitions here; a woman wearing a grey dress, a phantom nun (also seen in the village) an indistinct figure (who was only seen to one person, while others walked through it, oblivious to the phantom!), a ghost walking in the cellar (which once doubled as a mortuary) from the knees up, a little girl from the Victorian era in the attic and an old lady in the kitchen and other areas. Some of these reports may refer to the same phantom - for instance, the "Grey Lady" may possibly be the nun as that is how witnesses once described it, saying that it looked as if they were viewing it "through a murky glass." Two other phantoms are a former landlord and the barmaid whom he killed due to jealousy; he afterwards killed himself. It seems that the two never meet as spirits.

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