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The Edinburgh Woollen Mill and Waterstones

When this building was the Suffolk Hotel, a spectral Grey Lady was seen, but it is not clear if she has been seen since the 1990s. Cold spots, the smell of perfume, rattling and whispering sounds and two grey figures ascending the stairs were also reported.

Update 7/10/20: Manager Valda Fisher informs me, "Our local history writer and Ghost Walk tour guide Martyn Taylor, tells us that back in the 80's a Doctor committed suicide in one of the hotel rooms here, and after that time the hotel would never let that particular room. (Room 63) We have not had any unexplained happenings in my time here, though I am not keen on checking the unused upper floors alone. I put the creaking floorboards upstairs down to age and the building settling, or even to staff from the shop next door walking around. However, they have not reopened since lockdown in March, but we still hear the creaks sometimes. In my mind I imagine our ghost is a friendly woman who takes care of the shop when we're closed."

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