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The Wig And Pen

In this very active location, beer barrels have been reported moving around and the gas supply turned off; these are in addition to cold spots, footsteps, unexplained shadows, lights being turned on and off, items disappearing, the sounds of doors opening and closing (and sometime being flung open), and dogs reacting to something invisible. Additionally, a baby has been heard crying (through a back wall which adjoined a building where a baby was killed along with its mother), and glasses and bottles have been knocked to the floor without breaking. Of the apparitions seen, a heavy built man with a large black dog in a bedroom, a male figure in a long black cloak and white collar walking through a locked door, a woman dressed in "a riding habit", a spectral lady with white hair pulled into a bun observed sitting on the landlord's bed, a balding man in a tweed jacket and "a fog and mist" in the cellar have been noted.

Update 4/9/20: Jodie, a worker at the pub told me, "The wig is known for its haunted history but im afraid recently the scariest thing in the pub is me at 6am in the morning [!]" I had also been in touch with a previous licensee who lived here from 2010-2016 and she told me that nothing untoward happened in those years either.

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