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King Billy Rock Bar

Once known as the King William IV, there are said to be six resident ghosts, including a friendly, elderly ghost in an upstairs corridor. The fire alarm in the cellar (where much activity has been reported) has been known to activate for no reason at all.

Update 12/9/20: Supervisor Samantha Laker sent me a massive list of phenomena that have been reported here in the last 3-4 years. These include; a cleaner hearing a voice saying "Excuse me!" in the men's toilets when she was alone in the building; a tall man of about 6 foot 3 inches in height with a hat and dark clothing being seen in a mirror, but no one is there when staff go to serve him; gas to the pumps being turned off; glasses smashing on the shelves, sometimes sequentially and sometimes simultaneously; a man has been seen in the cellar and is believed to be William George, the first landlord in 1836 (the staff even wish him "Good morning!" and "Good night!"); the sound of voices, horse shoes and feet on cobbles in the toilets where an alleyway used to exist; the sound of a young girl walking down the upstairs hallway, talking and knocking on doors; an old lady on the top floor; shuffling footsteps and the sensation of some seated on the edge of a bed on the top floor - all the time, a cat was "fixated" on something invisible; a staff member feeling someone breathing down her neck in the cellar; and in the same area, another girl found herself locked in the cellar - when she was let out, she had acquired a black eye!

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