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Letheringham Mill

A figure has been seen hanging inside the mill; this may be one of Jonah Snell's victims. He murdered the miller, John Bullard and his son here. Snell was caught as he was stringing up the bodies from the mill's rafters.

Update 30/7/20: Jacqui and Richard live at the mill, having renovated it for guest use. She tells me, "i've not seen any spectral figures but guests have. i young couple staying in the Riverside which is part of the old mill building they saw a young woman dressed in a green old fashioned dress looking down on them and i would presume that she was in the old mill building plane and would have been on a different floor that’s not there now the way they described it it was though she was in a ladder which would have been normal in the 1690’s early 1700 - it scared them they wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom!? whereas stuff constantly moving noises such as knocking at the front door happens frequently in our house and in the Riverside again the radio is switched on frequently and guests say there’s something wrong with the radio it keeps coming on ?!!"

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