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Walton Hall and Hotel

A fair haired young man was once seen standing by a guest's bed. There is also a tradition that a white horse is seen to gallop across the front lawn on October 9th every 5 years.

Update 21/1/22: Jessica Pollitt, the Front Office Supervisor for the hotel replied to my email query: "Here are some I can remember hearing about from staff and guests in the past 10 years.
One of my colleagues has seen the headless horses. From the story of when the Harriet Moncrieffe had had an affair with many men including the then Prince of Wales. As a way of getting back at his unfaithful wife, Charles Mordaunt beheaded her beloved white horses and had them buried on the grounds. On the same day every October they can be seen galloping along the side of the river. Last year my colleague was lucky enough to see this happen when standing in the conservatory bar in the hall.
We have had several Nights Managers report seeing one of the Matrons from when the Hall used to be a girls school. She walks the corridors at night and will stand in the lobby area on the 1st floor watching over the area.
This same Matron has also assisted one of our colleagues, while he was clearing room service trays along the 2nd floor corridor there was a glass in the middle of the corridor, the lights flickered and then the glass had moved right next to the door so he wouldn’t trip over it.
We have also had 2 members of our team a few years ago sit in our old sales office in the hall and here a child running about and giggling. They went upstairs to the corridor above and couldn’t see a child anywhere and there wasn’t any children listed staying in that building for that day. One of them also stamped on the floor to see if it could be heard in the sales office, but no one could hear the stamp.
One of our old Head Chefs was walking down the same corridor as the old sales office and he could hear a child giggling, he then saw a little boy on a blue trike cycling round the corner. Chef followed to see what the child was doing, but even though it is a dead end corridor there, with all the doors closed, there was no child in sight, but still the faint sounds of giggles.
We had a guest staying in one of the rooms in the hall on the 2nd floor, she had the room to herself and no one else had access. In the morning she came down to breakfast and told us what had happened. In the middle of the night while she was sleeping, show woke as she sensed someone in the room, after turning the lights on and a quick look around she was confident no one else was in there with her. She said when she sleeps she stays in the same spot, she is not a fidgeter. In the morning she woke as usual, but when she got out of bed she realised there was a perfect head print on the pillow that had been next to her. We read the door key log and no one apart from her had entered her room during her stay.
There is a bench in the rose garden which can be seen from the staff accommodation bedrooms. There have been a couple of team members who have said they have seen a lady in old fashioned clothing sitting on the bench and crying."

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