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Toby Carvery Worcester West

Once known as "The Ketch Inn", the ghost was nicknamed Olive. She indulged in poltergeist-like activity such as opening all the bar windows during the night, lights being turned on and off, cutlery being bent and throwing a guest's belongings around his room. She is said to "live" in the cellar, where the pumps have been found turned off; the owner's pet dogs refused to go down there. It is not known if the phenomena still persists since a fire ravaged the building in 2011.

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Update: 8/2/2020: Following email contact with myself, Kristy Walters, the General manager responded with information about the site. She has been here for 7 years and always lived in the building. There was nothing to report for the first 4 years until she moved into a previously unused bedroom, which prompted incidents such as night terrors. A lady came into the pub in 2019 and said that she used to live there and informed Kristy that her bedroom had been boarded up as people were becoming "possessed." Kristy no longer uses the room but recently someone stopped there and things started up again; it is now blocked off. Strange noises also occur and she tells me that there is a bunker under the pub. Someone bangs on the ceiling in the bunker and she notes that you can feel it when stood behind the bar. The area where the banging occurs is no longer accessible.

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