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Edgehill Battlefield

Soon after this battle of the Civil War in which 1500 men died and both sides - Royalists and Parliamentarians claimed victory - a phantom re-enactment of the skirmish was reported, including approaching drums and then the sounds of dying men. The spectral battle was seen in the sky and was apparently confirmed by representatives of the King. Today, phantom hooves, drums and screaming are still reputed to be heard (on the anniversary of the battle, October 23rd, according to some sources) and sometimes, near the hastily created Litle and Great Grave Grounds, a horse and two men seen - both are cloaked and one carries a lantern and the other accompanies a large black dog. A man waving a sword and riding on horseback has been seen, as has a man searching the ground for something. Legend says that the man on the horse is Prince Rupert, who led the successful Cavalier forces, while the other ghost is said to be Sir Edmund Verney. He was the bearer of the Royal Standard. When surrounded by Roundheads, he refused to surrender the flag so they killed him and when they were unable to remove their trophy, they severed his hand. The banner was recaptured with Verney's hand still clutching it, but the rest of his body was never found.

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